Let’s Make It Happen!

Do you want to help make your city green, clean, healthy and vibrant?

Why? The Earth is suffering from a disease called Homo Sapiens. We are as a species destroying our own livelyhood and that of our fellow inhabitants of this small planet at an unprecedented pace.

What? The mission of Townbook is to reestablish the Earth as a healthy, clean, fertile and flourishing home for humans, animals and plants alike. We wish to make sure that future generations also have to opportunity to create a meaningful life here.

HOW? Not many know this, but we already have the technology and the solutions to solve 90% of our biggest challenges. We just need to use and share what we already know and then start DOING it. And that is what Townbook is doing. Townbook is helping cities implementing effective green and clean solution for a better future and engageging all citizens to participate in making their city “a city of the future”. And sharing the ideas and concepts with other cities through the Free Exchange of Knowledge philosophy. And everybody are involved

We are called Townbook because we want the citizens to share their city and all the cool solutions they are developing on the web like they do on Facebook. We need everybody to get involved if we are going to save the planet before it is too late. So come join us and … Let´s make it happen!

If want to know more or want to help us, please send us an e-mail at